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Our team

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The main principle of our work is to work with the best experts in a field, because we have realized its importance for the achievement of final results of high quality. With the purpose of the complete implementation of investment projects in the field of renewable energy sources (RES), environmental protection and energy efficiency, we found consortiums with our partners – constructions, installations and design companies. The partners in the consortiums are joining forces for the implementation of investment projects and their roles are as follows:


ENERSYST BULGARIA LTD – manages the consortiums, has experience in the technologies for energy production and waste treatment, in business analysis and planning, project management, in the financial sphere, and in securing funding and grants. It has a team of 10 persons: engineers, specialists in project management, finance matters and business analysis activities. It performs the following activities within the consortium:

  • Contracting and communication with the assigner / investor
  • Project Management
  • Feasibility study, engineering
  • Assistance in securing funding and grants
  • Supplies
  • Supervision during putting into operation and commissioning


CONSTRUCTION/INSTALLATION COMPANY – has an experience in construction, assembly and service activities in technologies in the field of renewable energy sources, waste treatment and technologies related to energy efficiency, performs the following activities within the consortium:

  • Construction and installing
  • Putting into operation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance


DESIGN COMPANY - has experience in the design and coordination of projects in the industry, performs activities within the consortium as follows:

  • Conceptual, technical and detailed design
  • Supervision and control during the construction and installing