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There are suitable conditions for realization of the following projects in the sphere of energy efficiency:


  • PRODUCTS: Reduced energy production costs
  • KEY TECHNOLOGY: Modernization of production, transportation and consumption of: steam, hot water, cold, electricity. Upgrade of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Installation of automation systems. Development of cogeneration and polygeneration systems.
  • ADVANTAGES: Savings from reducing the cost of buying energy and energy sources at ever increasing prices for them.
  • FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE: recovery period of the Investment in energy saving measures 1 - 3 years
  • FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: Assistance in securing bank financing and grants.

At present there are operative procedures for providing grants in the sphere of energy efficiency, which is a good prerequisite for the realization of such projects in the industry.


The open procedure for selection of projects with certain quality without a fixed deadline for application BG161PO003-2.3.02 "Energy efficiency and Green Economy" was published on 28.06.2012 by the Chief Directorate "European Funds for Competitiveness", MEET - Managing Authority of the Operational Program "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" 2007-2013.